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To the attention of consumers of electricity, heating, as well as gas supply!

The Energy Regulatory Agency has found that some contractors have artificially inflated the value of their services by abusing consumers. Thus, in order to submit relevant documents to government agencies, additional charges are required by different means, and misinformation about free public services is provided.

In this regard, the consumers are again informed that in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Licenses and Permits", the Energy Regulatory Agency issues permits for free, and it is not intended to provide any consulting services to consumers for the issuance of these permits.

In addition, provision of Technical Conditions for services provided by relevant natural monopolies, services for review of documents by state bodies during operation, as well as coordination of construction projects in accordance with construction legislation are free of charge (these projects may be developed by contractors for a fee).

Consumers wishing to learn more about these issues can contact the Call Center of the Ministry of Energy: “974” or the Technical Councils operating at the “ASAN Service” and “ASAN Kommunal”.

Furthermore, consumers can apply relevant branches of Energy Regulatory Agency to get methodological assistance for the registration of projects and issuance of commissioning certificates for the implementation of works stipulated in the project of power supply or gasification of facilities.





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