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What is an energy passport?

An energy passport introduces the building where you live or use, provides information on the amount and type of energy consumed by the building, shows the difference between an energy efficient building and an inefficient building.  The current energy passports around the world include the following information about the building:

  1. The model of the building;
  2. Energy efficiency class;
  3. Carbon emission class;
  4. The use of alternative and renewable energy sources;
  5. Energy consumption on hot water;
  6. Energy consumption for ventilation of the building;
  7. Energy consumption for heating of the building;
  8. Energy consumption for cooling of the building;
  9. Energy consumption for the lighting of building;
  10. Information on the authoritative institutions and experts on issuing passports.

In many countries, the use of new buildings is not permitted if the efficiency class is under C grade. Energy certification of buildings and installations in Azerbaijan is regulated by "Rules for Increasing Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Construction Facilities", approved by the Decision No 73 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated March 11, 2014. According to these Rules, the energy passport of a building and installation is a document that lists energy, thermal appliances and geometric characteristics of existing buildings and installations, as well as projects of buildings and installations and their protective structures. According to the rules, buildings and installations should be designed and constructed to ensure efficient use of energy resources during their operation. The energy passport of buildings and installations is intended to confirm the compliance of the special energy efficiency indicator with the thermal protection and special characteristics of the building's protective constructions as set by the building norms.

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