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According to BP's 2019 World Energy Statistical Review, world primary energy consumption in 2018 increased by 2.9% compared to 2017 and amounted to 13.9 billion tonnes of oil. The average annual growth for 2007-2017 was 1.5%. This increase in global energy consumption has been the largest increase recorded since 2010. China, the United States, India and the Russian Federation have the largest share in global energy consumption. Thus, China accounted for 23.6% of the world's energy consumption, the United States for 16.6%, India for 5.8%, and Russia for 5.2%. These four countries made up 51.2% of global energy consumption. China's energy consumption increased by 4.3%, India by 7.9%, the US by 3.5%, and Russia by 3.8%. According to the report, China has been the largest energy market in the world for 18 years. China's energy consumption was 3.2 billion tonnes of oil in 2018, and it was almost 1.6 times higher than the EU's energy consumption. US energy consumption was 2.3 billion tons of oil equivalent and India's 809 million tons of oil equivalent. In many European countries, including Germany, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom, there has been a decline in primary energy consumption.

Oil accounted for 33.6% of global energy consumption, 23.9% of natural gas, and 27.2% of coal. Traditional energy resources accounted for 84.7% of primary energy consumption, 4.4% of nuclear power, 6.8% of hydropower, and 4.1% of renewable energy sources.

The largest increase over the years was observed in natural gas. Global natural gas consumption increased by 5.3% compared to the previous year and exceeded 3.3 billion tonnes (3.9 trillion cubic meters). The biggest increase in consumption was observed in China, the Middle East and Europe. The largest share in the consumption of natural gas fell in the United States with 21.5%.  It was followed by the Russian Federation with 17.3%. The largest share in natural gas production was 21.2% of the United States (817 billion cubic meters) and 11.8% of Russia (455 billion cubic meters).

Coal consumption in the world rose by 1.4% and amounted to 3.7 billion tons of oil equivalent, and it was the largest increase in coal consumption over the past 10 years. China produces 50.5% of coal, India of 12%, and the United States of 8.4%.

According to the report, nuclear power increased by 2.4% compared to 2017. The main share belongs to the USA by 31.4%, France by 15.3% and China by 10.9%.

Hydropower increased by 3.1% compared to 2017. China accounted for 28.7%, Canada for 9.2% and Brazil for 9.2%.

Renewable energy consumption increased by 14.5% compared to the previous year. The average annual increase for 2007-2017 was 16.4%. China accounted for 25.6%, the United States for 18.5%, and India for 4.9%. China's growth was 28.8 %, and the United States was 9.8%.

In 2018, electricity generation from renewable energy sources (excluding hydropower) was 2,480.4 billion kWh, of which 51.2% was wind, 23.5% - solar, 23.7 % accounted for other sources.

Global electricity production increased by 3.7% in 2018 to 26,614.8 billion kWh. The average annual growth for 2007-2017 was 2.5%. China accounted for 26.7% of electricity, 16.8% for the United States, and 5.9% for India. Energy production in three countries accounted for 49.4% of global production. China recorded 7.7% increase over the year. Electric power generation accounted for 3.01% of oil, 23.2% of natural gas, 37.95% of coal, 10.1% of nuclear power, 15.8% of hydropower, and 9.3% of renewable energy, 0.6% of other sources. The country produced 802.8 billion kWh of oil, 6182.8 kWh of natural gas, 10,100.5 of coal, 2701.4 of nuclear energy, 4193.1 of hydropower, 2480.4 kW of renewable energy sources, and 153.8 billion kWh of other sources.

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