Connection to the power supply network becomes easier

Business facilities up to 150 kW are allowed to submit application at Small and Medium Business Development Agency (SMBD), ASAN Utilities and ASAN service Centers to connect to the electricity network, regardless of the district they are located. If there is a transformer in the network balance at a distance of 400 meters, the connection will be made within 20 days after the payment is made according to the single tariff. In this process, contact with entrepreneurs occurs only when application is submitted and electricity is provided.

For facilities over 150 kW and without availability of transformers within a distance of 400 km are also allowed to apply SMBD Houses, ASAN Utilities and ASAN service centers. Businesses receive technical specifications within 10 days. Execution of the technical specification done by a power supply enterprise or specialized enterprises in accordance with the choice of the entrepreneur.


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