Outcomes of the Strategic Road Map on Development of Utilities and measures to be taken were discussed at the Ministry of Energy



At the Ministry of Energy, the Working Group held a meeting to discuss the issues of monitoring and evaluation of measures the implementation of which is implied by the “Strategic Road Map on Development of Utilities (electricity and thermal energy, water and gas) in the Republic of Azerbaijan” during the 2018-2019 period. Chairman of the Working Group, Deputy Minister Samir Valiyev, stated that the advancement of Azerbaijan’s position in the world most influential ratings, development of the non-oil sector and the increase of non-oil export demonstrate that the Strategic Road Maps have positive outcomes. The mobilization of all resources for the realization of Strategic Road Maps, the establishment of monitoring and evaluation mechanism, timely and quality implementation of planned measures indicates the strengthening of strategic management.  

During the meeting, the Working Group reviewed main provisions of the Report on the activities carried out in 2018 regarding the Strategic Road Map on Development of Utilities provided by the Ministry of Energy to the Administration of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan along with the supportive documents. Tthe upcoming tasks for 2019 were also examined.    

As it was stated, the measures to be taken will result in the provision of consumer satisfaction due to the implementation of higher quality, comfortable and innovation applied utilities, as well as in positive impact on the increase of consumer responsibility. At the same time, significant improvements in the energy and environmental safety of the country, diversification of national production portfolio, expansion of export potential and creation of new jobs are considered to be among the outcomes which will help to strengthen the utility sector.

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