Board of Directors of AERA attended the meeting of members of Energy Regulators Regional Association in Skopje


Representatives of full and associate members of the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) met in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia. The Azerbaijani delegation led by Samir Akhundov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Energy Regulatory Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (AERA), also participated in the event. On the first day of the two-day event held on April 15-16, meetings of the ERRA Tariff Committee, the ERRA Licensing and Competition Committee and the ERRA General Assembly were held. Members of the National Delegation - AERA staff who are experts in relevant fields, attended the meetings.

During the meetings of the Committees, a work plan covering 2019-2020 was presented, roundtable discussions were held to discuss changes in tariffs and other actual issues, and the development and implementation of support schemes for renewable energy, the functionality of retail markets and new criteria for licensing were discussed.

At the meeting of the ERRA General Assembly membership, financing and budgeting, amendments to the ERRA Charter, as well as other administrative issues were discussed and relevant decisions were made.

The next day, the meeting with the participation of the Chairman of Board of Directors of AERA Samir Akhundov was held with the heads of the ERRA member organizations. At the meeting, various presentations were made on comparative study on the transmitter system operator, learning of new models to be implemented, the results of project of coordination of the best practices in communication for energy regulators, as well as of ERRA-member institutions, and intense debates were held among the participants.

The traditional meeting of chairmen, presidents and commissioners of the ERRA member organizations is held twice a year since 2009. Regular meetings are organized to discuss the main challenges facing members. Participants of these informal meetings have the opportunity to share information on recent changes and expectations in the electricity and gas supply in member states.

erra 16.04.19

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