The Deputy Ministers of Energy received citizens in the southern region


On May 27 Deputy Minister of Energy Samir Valiyev received citizens from Masalli and Yardimli districts while Deputy Minister Elnur Soltanov from Lerik district.

At the reception held with the participation of the representatives of the relevant structural units of the Ministry of Energy, the citizens were listened attentively, and appropriate instructions were given for the operative investigation of appeals and their solutions according to the legislation.

Citizens' appeals were related to the elimination of the electricity debt, the supply of technical conditions for electricity, the quality of electricity, interruptions in the supply of electricity, the operation status of the electrical equipment, gasification, employment and other issues.

In total, about 20 citizens were admitted during the reception.

Participants expressed their gratitude to the head of the state for the organization of citizens' reception in the regions, the care and attention shown and the conditions created.

It should be noted that the announcements were made on mass media, on the official website of the Ministry of Energy ( and Facebook page in order to provide citizens with detailed information about the receptions held in Masalli and Lerik. Opportunities have been created for citizens to register online on the website of the Ministry.

The Minister of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan Parviz Shahbazov received citizens at the administrative building of Lankaran branch of the Energy Regulatory Agency in Lankaran on May 31. Citizens from Lankaran, Astara and other regions has participated in the reception held with the participation of heads of the relevant structural units of the ministry.

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